Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lab # 4: Object Control

A. To observe the interaction between Cortland students and St. Mary’s students.
B. Complete Observation and Reflection from Task A Worksheet.
C. Complete Chart (Gallahue Checklist) on
Overhand Throw.
D. Complete Chart (TGMD-2) Overhand and Catching Checklist.


1. Reflecting on your experience so far at St Mary’s, what do you think have been some difficulties or challenges you have faced? Consider all areas – environment, children, etc.

Some difficulties I have faced are getting the students motivated to play games. I don’t know what else I can do to get them excited to play other than bringing in reinforces (such as stickers). I also find that some of the students have difficulties with communicating and this causes them to act out and be distracting to other students.

2. What ideas/suggestions do you have to resolve the difficulties or challenges that you wrote about in #1?

Some ideas/suggestions I have to resolve the difficulties I have would be to do more research about what the students like to do and how to incorporate what they need to learn in the games I create. As for the students being distracting when they start acting out after having difficulties communicating, I would maybe want to talk to them and find out what is going on and how I can help, and if they start being way to distracting I can remove them from the activity so others are not distracted.



This was my favorite lab so far. The students really enjoyed the game "Shooting Stars", they had to catch a ball, then try to hit a star, which was placed inside a hula hoop (inside the hula hoop to make the target bigger so they don't get discouraged if they do not hit the star) that was hanging on the wall, with the ball. When they successfully caught the ball and hit the star they got a star sticker. The reinforcement of using stickers really helped with keeping the students on task. Without the stickers I think they would have lost interest in the game very quickly and today wouldn't have been as successful. This teaching tactic worked really well and I will surely use it again.
I find that I have trouble communicating clearly to young students what I want them to do, I need to work on this necessary skill in order to be a successful teacher. I also find that I have trouble motivating students to play games, and other than bringing in reinforcers I need to learn how else I can motivate them to participate. I think that once I am in a classroom I will get a lot more practice and become successful at communicating and motivating students.

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