Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2008 SUNY Cortland P.E. Mini-Conference

On 10/10 SUNY Cortland had its P.E. Mini-Conference, where students and teachers from the surrounding area came for professional development day. Here teachers and students participated in workshops varying from "What Research Says about Physical Activity/PE & Academics" (presented by John Foley) to Hi Tech/ Low Tech PE (presented by Stephen Yang & Students). These workshops had a lot of information for both students training to be P.E. teachers and current/retired P.E. teachers.
I presented with Dr. Yang in his Hi Tech/ Low Tech PE workshop. I took the game "Animal Scramble" and made 3 totally different ways to play this game and have the students moving around more than what the creators intended.
It was amazing to see the reaction of teachers when I showed them how the game was ment to be played, and how I modified it to get the students more active when they play.
This was a great experience for me because it taught me that I can use technology in my P.E. classes, even if I have to modify the games to make them more physically active.

If you are interested in seeing my handout with the games I presented at the Mini-Conference please e-mail me at

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